Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease

The cause of periodontal disease or periodontitis is bacterial plaque, that bring about inflammatory process affecting the gingiva (gingivitis), which is characterized by redness, swelling and bleeding. If ignored or improperly treated, gingivitis will lead to cavity formation and tooth supporting apparatus destruction.

Smoking, diabetes and family history of periodontitis are risk factors that can significantly contribute to the development and progression of the disease.

Subjects with periodontitis have a greater risk also for the ischemic atherosclerosis disease development and bad diabetes control. This could be due to bacteria migration from oral cavity into cardiovascular system.

Periodontal disease treatment consists in removing plaque and tartar at surface and subgingival area.

Improving unhealthy habits and keep doing an excellent oral hygiene at home are the prerequisites for the periodontal disease control.

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