Improving the Patients’ Quality of Life

Improving the Patients’ Quality of Life

A well-balanced microbiome (eubiosis) - of gut and /or skin - helps to prevent and control some pathologies, such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic diseases, celiac disease and some forms of dermatitis.

Any alteration of the microbiome (dysbiosis), with some populations prevailing on others, might be a sign of disequilibrium, often related to the onset of a disease.

The deep understanding of the individual microbiome currently represents one of the most useful tools to diagnose a pathological alteration.

When an alteration of microbiome occurs, a specific action is required to restore the balance among microbial species living in different areas of our body.

Our advanced project allows us to study the individual microbiome as a whole. We analyze the microbial population in different sites (skin, guts, and scalp); we evaluate the diet and lifestyle of each subject and how these factors may impact on the composition of the microbiome and its balance, thus sketching the potential evolution towards a pathology.

Our data, after careful and thoughtful analysis, enable us to map the composition of the individual microbiome and to design specific therapeutical approaches for the treatment of skin and scalp diseases.

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