What is the Human Microbiome Advanced Project

Human Microbiome Advanced Project

Human Microbiome Advanced Project is the first Italian multi-disciplinary research specifically focused on the microbiome of skin and scalp; it aims at exploring the impact of the microbiome on human health as well as all its connections with the gut-brain axis.

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We have the ambition of collecting and analyzing information that is fundamental for the well-being of our whole body, with a special research focus on skin and scalp.
A number of specialized dermatological centers joined our project; they collect samples of derma, scalp, saliva, faeces, and urine from both healthy subjects and patients suffering from dermatological diseases.

The samples are analyzed in a dedicated microbiome laboratory. In Giuliani, we carefully study the samples following a number of specific and standardized protocols.

The complete analysis maps the individual microbial population and brings to surface any altered balance among different groups of microorganisms in the individual. The study of proteic and metabolic expression of personal microbiome allows us to better understand the role played by microbiome in the physiopathology of the single organism, thus contributing to enrich our knowledge of the physiology and pathology of the skin.
HMAP Scientific Committee gathers some of the top researchers in this field.

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