Microbiome and UV

As skins diseases caused by exposure to UV rays increase, it becomes more and more important to understand the response of our skin microbiome to them and the role it plays in the development of diseases and the reaction to solar radiation.

Recent studies show that the reaction to solar radiation are related to the balance between our immune defense system and the microbiome.

Some UV radiations can alter our microbiome in terms of quantity and distribution of some microbial species. This may break the balance with the immune system and can trigger a local immune reaction.

How can we then protect our skin and our microbiome from exposure to solar radiation?

Integrators can regulate our gut microbiome, thus influencing our immune response. This produces a better response to solar radiation and helps to keep our microbiome and skin immune system in balance.

At the same time, when exposing our body to solar radiation it is of the uttermost importance to use specific products that effectively protect our skin without altering its microbiome.

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