Human Microbiome Advanced Project

Human Microbiome Advanced Project, launched by Giuliani S.p.A., is the first Italian multidisciplinary research project focused on scalp and skin microbiome.
The project wants to provide everybody, with or without skin diseases, with useful information from research on the microbiome, to improve their health and their quality of life.

Microbioma e dieta

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Microbiome and diet

The close correlation between diet and an imbalance of the microbiome is evident both in intestinal, and skin/scalp diseases.

Diversificare il Microbioma con la dieta 5/2

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Diversify Microbiome with 5/2 Diet

Diet 5/2 is a remarkable dietary approach to diversify gut microbiota.

La ricerca HMPLab e i suoi risultati

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The HMAPLab research and results

The HMAPLab has brought relevant evidence about some causes that could lead to alopecia areata.

Plasma ricco di piastrine e microbioma

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Platelet rich plasma and Microbiome

We have been employing platelet rich plasma (PRP) for the treatment of multiple hair diseases...