We’re looking for healthy volunterees

We’re looking for healthy volunterees

Why do we do this kind of research

It is scientifically proven that balanced microbiome provides to human health, protecting against several inflammatory and allergic metabolic diseases, including skin and scalp (hair) disease..

Microbiome composition knowledge is a useful tool to understand these diseases and could intervene with targeted therapeutic approaches.

Taking in part of our clinical trial will allow you to know your gut, oral, scalp and skin microbiome composition and obtain a complete microbiome map with dual purpose: to be able to give you useful and targeted advices to improve health condition about your gut, scalp and skin; and allow us to increase our knowledge about this area for research purpose and to carry out future therapies.

What do we do

We are looking for 25 healthy volunteers, i.e. not reporting scalp pathologies, scalp disorders or dermatological and/or intestinal disorders; aged between 20 and 60, males and females, coming from the area of Milan and surroundings.
Each subject will get a Giuliani gift.

If you are interested, fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our researchers who will arrange a visit at our clinics.

During the visit we will take samples of your intestinal, oral, scalp and skin microbiome: the procedure will take a few minutes and is not invasive as we will use a simple cotton stick.
The visit is completely free and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes..

As soon as the report is available, you will be contacted by our researchers to know the results; we will also be pleased to be able to give you personalized advice on treatment and nutrition.

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